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Skype With Nick Noir

$ 95.95 USD

Hire me, Nick Noir, for a private Skype session!  Whether you want me to paint happy trees or creepy things, I've got you covered.

I can talk while I paint!  I probably won't carry on the most sophisticated conversations but it'll be far from keeping entirely quiet.  I tend to talk to myself a lot while I paint so there's always that.

Do I have what it takes?  Click "MEDIA" on the navigation bar and select any season of my show "Beauty in Darkness" or "Haunted Holidays" to watch me paint!


I will be watching The Joy of Painting.  It helps keep me on-point. 


I will use print-outs of Scary Stories illustrations.

**NOTE: I do not paint anything outside of these two categories.**


$100 pays for however long I paint, which is generally an hour.  Depending on the level of detail, it can be up to 90 minutes.  I will send you the painting when I'm done! (when it dries, of course, which takes 5-10 days.)  To hire me for in-person private events, please email and see this page.

The canvases I use are 16x20.  If you would like me to paint on larger canvases email for rates. 

This is a Skype-only exclusive offer.

You are more than welcome to record the session.  I am not responsible for internet outages or connection issues.  For uninterrupted entertainment, it would be best to have your computer hooked up to the internet.  There are no refunds or exchanges.  You can walk away or ignore me for the duration of the Skype session but once the painting is complete the session will end.