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Private Events

$ 295.95 USD

Hire me, Nick Noir, to paint at your party or event!  Whether you want me to paint happy trees or creepy things, I've got you covered.

I can talk while I paint!  I probably won't carry on the most sophisticated conversations but it'll be far from keeping entirely quiet.  I tend to talk to myself a lot while I paint so there's always that.

States I'm available to travel to: Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana, Alabama, and of course, Mississippi.

Do I have what it takes?  Click "MEDIA" on the navigation bar and select any season of my show "Beauty in Darkness" or "Haunted Holidays" to watch me paint!


I will bring a TV and small stand to watch The Joy of Painting.  It helps keep me on-point.  Access to power is needed.


I will bring print-outs of Scary Stories illustrations.  No access to power is necessary.

**NOTE: I do not paint anything outside of these two categories.**


Three hour minimum - $100/ hour.  You can keep how ever many paintings I hammer out in that time! (they will be wet, of course. please store responsibly.)  To hire me for more than 3 hours, please email

The canvases I use are 16x20.  If you would like me to paint on larger canvases you can either provide them or email if you'd like me to bring them. 

I am available for parties and events within an hour radius of the Southaven, MS area.  If you are farther out than 1 hour from Southaven, please email do discuss rates.

You are more than welcome to film me or take pictures, but please do not touch my supplies.  I'm a simple artists with very few requests - this being one of them!  There are no refunds or exchanges.

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