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Issue #1 (Digital)

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{screenshot of animated Goth Macabre magazine)

[Goth Macabre contains mature content.]

Goth Macabre is a bi-monthly horror and gothic magazine that focuses on aspiring artists as well as industry professionals, with a smattering of interesting shit in between.


  • Nick Groff
  • Patti Negri
  • Chris Kesler
  • Victoria Ferrara
  • Cryo Chamber
  • Midnight Syndicate
  • Andy Sciazko
  • Gothic models from all over the world
  • & loads more!


    Fun Fact: Social media banned ads featuring our cover for being "sexually arousing"!

    You will receive:

    • animated flipbook of Goth Macabre (92 pages)
    • PDF of Goth Macabre (92 pages)


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