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Commissioned Paintings

Rates start at $300.  Paintings are limited to 16x20 canvases due to the supplies we have to ship them.  If you desire a bigger canvas those details can be discussed as it will require time to acquire those supplies.  All commissioned oil paintings are set aside for 7 - 10 days to completely dry before being shipped.  Additional days may be needed for commissioned paintings to dry depending on the number of layers (of paint) used.


ANIMALS - Perfect for lobbies and offices.  Types we paint: wolves, rabbits, dogs, fish, bucks, reindeer, bears, cats, bats, horses, squirrels, loons, sharks, orcas, eagles, dolphins, longhorns, Mickey Mouse, even fairies! (paintings will be inside the images and possibly around them depending on the request and workability of the creative aesthetic.)

GENERAL - Whether you are gifting a painting or buying one for yourself, we are skilled in a variety of environments perfect for professional or personal settings.


NOTE: We reserve the right to showcase any commissioned works on Nick  To respect the exclusivity of commissioned works we will not sell them as posters.  By purchasing a commissioned work you acknowledge this note.


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All paintings are done by Nick Noir

All sales are final.