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International & Pre-Order....Orders

Posted on December 01 2018

For our international customers, please be patient.  On our end, it takes just a few days to process your order but after that it's beyond our control.  It can take up to several weeks for it to reach you but rest assured that it will reach you!  We know it's tough, especially if you're getting gifts so we appreciate your patience and understanding.  It's officially December 1st so everyone (ups, usps, fedex, dhl, etc.) is going to be swamped with packages and will face delays.  We do what we can on our end as efficiently as possible in the smallest amount of time because of this madness.  Don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions but PLEASE use the appropriate email (see below) so we can get you taken care of without confusion.

For our pre-order customers, thank you for your order and know that not all pre-orders are going to be added to our inventory so some pre-orders are a one-time thing (like our pillow cases.)  We have limited space on our end so even if something is a hot item we can only house what we have until we are able to expand.


Stay Wicked,

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