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Bob Ross Favorites

Posted on March 19 2019

click here to download our "Bob Ross Favorites" PDF

original oil paintings for Spooky Empire 2019!

Don't know which Bob Ross painting you want me to paint?  Don't worry, I've got a list of favorites that you may enjoy as much as I do.  The only problem?  Your painting will be wet for weeks!  If you don't mind taking a wet painting home (or to your hotel room) all you gotta do is sign a general waiver.  We'll hold the painting until Sunday evening for you but after that it's all yours!

all commissioned paintings are $200. multiple commissioned paintings available.  all sales are final.

See this page for more details

Contact us for Commissioned Orders over $200.

This, however, is not sale.  Download our "Bob Ross Favorites" PDF, take a look-see and let us know which one(s) you want Nick Noir to paint for you on the spot!  It'll take an hour but it's soooo worth it.

Unfortunately, due to time restraints Nick cannot paint horror icons.  They take considerably longer to do.  You can, however, click here and order one (or more) for after Spooky.  Shipping is free for Spooky attendees.

DISCLAIMER: Nick is NOT Bob Ross Certified and is not claiming to be such.  Every "Noir" painting has it's own unique style to Bob Ross classics.


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