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About Pre-Order Paintings For Spooky Pick-Up

Posted on February 21 2019

Not only are we getting an awful lot of site traffic specifically for our paintings but almost everyone is testing out how much the paintings will cost in the cart.  This is where it benefits you to read the homepage promotion.  Like, really.  You gotta spend more than 10 seconds to read stuff.  This ain't Facebook.  Or Instagram.  Or Twatter.  Read + Apply = Happiness.

All 150 paintings available on the website are $99 plus applicable taxes and a 2.9% card surcharge (you save $50 on shipping!).  All in all, you're looking at less than $105.  And for $100 more you can get a commissioned painting tailored to your liking.  These are steals, and you don't have to do anything special to negate shipping.  Just buy one!  Or two.  We love you long time.

If you have general questions, feel free to contact us at  If you have questions about your order, contact  For commissioned paintings, contact

We look forward to seeing you at Spooky Empire!

Again, always read the homepage promotion and always check out REALM.  Beyond Instagram, we don't do social media (although we do technically have a Twitter account but we stopped using it long ago.)


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